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Being a photographer is a fun and exciting job...except for the part where you're carrying a heavy camera around! We've made things a lot easier for you buy creating a one-of-a-kind camera carrying mechanism for your belt! It's a discreet little clip that's a lot stronger than it looks!

The thought behind the camera holster clip is to making carrying your equipment, easier. You can bring your camera with you wherever you go without having to hold it in your hands. The closed bottom slots allow you to carry the camera on your hip. So convenient!


  • UNIVERSAL: Works on all DSLR cameras and many other brands such as Canon, Nikon, and Sony. Made for small to mid-sized cameras, but larger cams can be used if necessary
  • CONVENIENT:  Our clip, and its double end buckle design makes carrying your camera around with you much easier
  • MOUNTABLE CAMERA READY: Our clip works PERFECTLY with any camera that can be mounted
  • ACCESSIBLE: Clip is comfortable and easy to wear and gives you instant access to your camera